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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool
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kb - package kb
Classes for managing CharGer or CRAFT elements as knowledge sources.
kb - Variable in class charger.EditorState
A copy of the ENTIRE knowledge base.
kb.hierarchy - package kb.hierarchy
Classes for managing and manipulating type and relation hierarchies.
kb.matching - package kb.matching
Classes to support various matching purposes.
KBException - Exception in kb
KBException(String, Object) - Constructor for exception kb.KBException
keepClipboardIDs - Static variable in class charger.Global
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
Handles key-presses while on the canvas.
keyReleased(KeyEvent) - Method in class charger.CanvasPanel
keyReleased(KeyEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class charger.CanvasPanel
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
kind - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
An integer that describes the kind of this token.
Kind() - Constructor for enum charger.obj.GraphObject.Kind
kind - Variable in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
KindOfHierarchy() - Constructor for enum kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy.KindOfHierarchy
kindToMatch - Variable in class charger.obj.GraphObjectIterator
An indicator GraphObject type or subtype(s) being iterated
KnowledgeBase - Class in kb
Implements a CG knowledge base consisting of a concept hierarchy, a relation hierarchy, and a marker set.
KnowledgeBase(String) - Constructor for class kb.KnowledgeBase
Creates an "empty" knowledge base.
knowledgeManager - Static variable in class charger.Global
KnowledgeManager - Class in kb
Used for organizing the various sources of knowledge used by CharGer and Craft.
KnowledgeManager() - Constructor for class kb.KnowledgeManager
KnowledgeSource - Interface in kb
Encapsulates the interfaces to various knowledge sources (e.g., conceptual graphs or repertory grids).
knowledgeSources - Variable in class kb.KnowledgeManager
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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool

Copyright 1998-2014 by Harry Delugach. All Rights Reserved. Copying is governed by the Lesser GPL license.