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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool
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n2sort() - Method in class charger.util.TableSorter
naivePlacement(Iterator<GraphObject>) - Method in class charger.layout.SimpleGraphLayout
Places nodes in row first, right-to-left order without regard to any links.
name - Variable in class charger.CGRule
name - Variable in class charger.util.FloatStatistics
name - Variable in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
name - Variable in class kb.KnowledgeBase
name - Variable in class kb.matching.AbstractMatchGroupMetrics
name - Variable in class repgrid.RepertoryGrid
An identifying string for this grid.
nameGenerator - Variable in class cgif.generate.CGIFWriter
Used to generate unique label names for concepts in the graph that do not contain constants.
NameGenerator - Class in cgif.generate
This class is used to generate unique label names for a conceptual graph.
NameGenerator() - Constructor for class cgif.generate.NameGenerator
Default constructor that creates a new name generator with an empty set of used names.
NameGenerator(Graph) - Constructor for class cgif.generate.NameGenerator
Creates a new name generator with the names from the specified graph excluded as possible names to generate.
nameSet - Variable in class cgif.generate.NameGenerator
Set to store all the label names that have been used
nameTable - Variable in class cgif.generate.CGIFWriter
Table mapping GraphObject objectID's to defining/bound label names
nameTwoAttributes() - Method in class repgrid.RGDiadicElicitor
nameTwoElements() - Method in class repgrid.RGDiadicElicitor
Queries the interactive user for two elements of a grid.
natLang(Graph, boolean) - Static method in class craft.Reporter
natLang(Concept, boolean) - Static method in class craft.Reporter
Prepare a natural language rendition of the given concept.
natLang(TypeLabel, boolean) - Static method in class craft.Reporter
Prepare a natural language rendition of the given type label, including its supertype(s).
natLang(GNode, boolean) - Static method in class craft.Reporter
Prepare a natural language rendition of the given relation, including its concepts.
nedWindowAdapter - Variable in class charger.CanvasPanel
nestedWithin(Graph) - Method in class charger.obj.Graph
Determines whether this graph is nested (at any level) within a given graph.
newToken(int, String) - Static method in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
Returns a new Token object, by default.
newToken(int) - Static method in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
NewWindowButton - Variable in class charger.HubFrame
NewWindowButtonActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.HubFrame
NewWindowItem - Variable in class charger.HubFrame
next - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser.JJCalls
next - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
A reference to the next regular (non-special) token from the input stream.
next() - Method in class charger.obj.GraphObjectIterator
nextDigit - Variable in class cgif.generate.NameGenerator
Next digit to concatenate with the base name to generate a new label name.
nextLocation - Static variable in class charger.util.QuantityBar
nextRecord - Variable in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
nextRecordActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
nformat - Variable in class charger.GraphMetrics
nformat - Static variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
nformat - Variable in class charger.util.QuantityBar
nodeDisplacements - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
Displacement is represented as a "point" where the x value is dx and the y value is dy.
nodeEditingDialog - Variable in class charger.CanvasPanel
nodeEditingDialogUndecorated - Variable in class charger.CanvasPanel
nodeEditingKeyAdapter - Variable in class charger.CanvasPanel
Implements copy/cut/paste for text
nodeForces - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
NodeOrderException - Exception in kb.hierarchy
NodeOrderException(String, ArrayList<POSetNode>) - Constructor for exception kb.hierarchy.NodeOrderException
nodePositions - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
Keeps track of each node's displacement (movement) at each iteration.
nodes - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
nodes - Variable in exception kb.hierarchy.NodeOrderException
nodesInLine() - Method in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
Using the original graph nodes, determines whether, within EPSILON, the nodes are in line, either along an x-value or a y-value.
NodeValueException - Exception in kb.hierarchy
NodeValueException() - Constructor for exception kb.hierarchy.NodeValueException
nonAlphaNumericRegex - Variable in class kb.matching.BasicTupleMatcher
Note - Class in charger.obj
An arbitrary text node to annotate a graph.
Note() - Constructor for class charger.obj.Note
noteTool - Variable in class charger.EditToolbar
noteToolItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.EditToolbar
nothingChanged() - Method in class charger.EditManager
Used to tell the editor window that its current contents have not changed, regardless of what actions have occurred.
notypechosen - Variable in class repgrid.RGElicitor
number - Variable in class charger.obj.Referent
If referent denotes an actual number, here's where it's kept.
number - Static variable in class craft.Craft
numCols - Variable in class charger.layout.SimpleGraphLayout
NumericLabelComparator - Class in
This class attempts to compare the labels of two edges by assuming they are both integers.
NumericLabelComparator() - Constructor for class
numIterationsField - Variable in class charger.prefs.AdminPrefPanel
numIterationsFieldActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.AdminPrefPanel
numNodes - Variable in class charger.layout.SimpleGraphLayout
numRows - Variable in class charger.layout.SimpleGraphLayout
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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool

Copyright 1998-2014 by Harry Delugach. All Rights Reserved. Copying is governed by the Lesser GPL license.