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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool
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tab - Static variable in class charger.xml.XMLGenerator
Helpful in indentation; currently set to two spaces
table(int) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
Creates a begin table tag with the width specified.
tableChanged(TableModelEvent) - Method in class charger.util.TableMap
tableChanged(TableModelEvent) - Method in class charger.util.TableSorter
tableChanged(TableModelEvent) - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
Implements the TableModelListener interface.
TableMap - Class in charger.util
TableMap() - Constructor for class charger.util.TableMap
tablePanel - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
TableSorter - Class in charger.util
A sorter for TableModels.
TableSorter() - Constructor for class charger.util.TableSorter
TableSorter(TableModel) - Constructor for class charger.util.TableSorter
tableWidth - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
tabSize - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.SimpleCharStream
Tag - Class in charger.util
Some static values and methods to help with html formatting In general values beginnig with an underscore "_" are ending tags.
Tag() - Constructor for class charger.util.Tag
tagName - Static variable in class charger.gloss.AbstractTypeDescriptor
tagName - Static variable in class charger.gloss.GenericTypeDescriptor
tagName - Static variable in class charger.gloss.wn.WordnetTypeDescriptor
tagWithParms(String, String) - Static method in class charger.xml.XMLGenerator
Returns a tag with parameters, including a closing bracket.
takeFromSelection(GraphObject) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
If object is already selected, remove it from the selection.
td(String) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
a table cell begin-end tag
tdc(String) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
A table cell that is centered
tdr(String) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
A table cell that is right justified
tdspan(int, String) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
Returns a table data element that spans cols number of columns around the string
teardown() - Method in class charger.CanvasPanel
tearDown() - Method in class charger.EditFrame
Break down the edit frame and set things to null.
tearDownMenu(JMenu) - Static method in class charger.util.Util
Does a complete erasure of a JMenu.
tell - Variable in class charger.util.Transcript
TermMapping - Class in craft
Stores the strings needed to map some terms to useful alternate terms.
TermMapping(String) - Constructor for class craft.TermMapping
TerritorialLimit - Static variable in class charger.obj.GraphObject
testgrid() - Method in class craft.Craft
testingItemsMenu - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
TEXT_HEIGHT - Static variable in class charger.obj.Concept
TEXT_WIDTH - Static variable in class charger.obj.Concept
textAndFillDefaultToString(String) - Method in class charger.prefs.PreferencesWriter
Given a class name, return two text lines conveying the class's default color scheme suitable for writing to a preferences file.
textarea - Variable in class craft.SenseQueryDialog.ComboBoxRenderer
textCenterPt - Variable in class charger.obj.Graph
TextDatabase - Class in charger.db
Embodies accessibility to a tab-delimited text database.
TextDatabase(String) - Constructor for class charger.db.TextDatabase
textFormDisplay - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
Utility windows possibly used by this frame
textLabel - Variable in class charger.obj.GraphObject
One of: a referent, a link name, an actor name, a context name
textLabelLowerLeftPt - Variable in class charger.obj.GraphObject
The lower left corner of where the text label should be drawn.
textLines - Variable in class charger.util.WrappedText
the set of lines already wrapped
TextProperties - Class in charger
Stores the strings needed to localize CharGer.
TextProperties(String) - Constructor for class charger.TextProperties
Set up the properties for charger's natural language strings.
TheGraph - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
The root graph of the edit frame
theText - Variable in class charger.util.GenericTextFrame
theTextCaretUpdate(CaretEvent) - Method in class charger.util.GenericTextFrame
thisComponentResized(ComponentEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisFocusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class charger.CGSplashFrame
thisFocusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisFocusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class charger.HubFrame
thisFocusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisFocusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
thisFocusLost(FocusEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisFocusLost(FocusEvent) - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisFocusLost(FocusEvent) - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
thisWindowActivated() - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisWindowActivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.HubFrame
thisWindowActivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisWindowActivated() - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
thisWindowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.CGSplashFrame
thisWindowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
thisWindowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
Handles close events on this frame.
thisWindowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.HubFrame
thisWindowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.util.QuantityBar
thisWindowClosing() - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisWindowClosing() - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
Close the window, after first checking whether to save the existing grid.
thisWindowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisWindowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisWindowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
thisWindowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
thisWindowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class craft.CraftWindow
thisWindowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
threadgroup - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
the group to which all this window's updaters belong
tickLength - Variable in class charger.util.QuantityBar.labelPanel
timer - Variable in class actorplugin.CounterPlugin
timer - Variable in class actorplugin.PulsePlugin
title - Variable in class charger.prefs.ColorPreviewPanel
titleTextLabel - Variable in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
tmap - Static variable in class craft.Reporter
toArrayList() - Method in class kb.BinaryTuple
For compatibility with the old ConceptManager routines, as well as provide easy interface to DefaultTableModel which likes its model in ArrayList form.
toBurmeisterCXTString(String) - Method in class repgrid.RepertoryGrid
toHTML() - Method in class kb.BinaryTuple
Converts this binary tuple to an HTML-compatible TABLE row; TABLE and TR tags must be provided external to this routine.
toHTML() - Method in class kb.matching.MasterBinaryTuple
Creates HTML code suitable for including in an HTML table row.
toHTML() - Method in class kb.matching.MatchedBinaryTuple
token - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
Current token.
Token - Class in cgif.parser.javacc
Describes the input token stream.
Token() - Constructor for class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
No-argument constructor
Token(int) - Constructor for class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
Constructs a new token for the specified Image.
Token(int, String) - Constructor for class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
Constructs a new token for the specified Image and Kind.
token_source - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
Generated Token Manager.
tokenBegin - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.SimpleCharStream
tokenImage - Static variable in interface cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParserConstants
Literal token values.
tokenImage - Variable in exception cgif.parser.javacc.ParseException
This is a reference to the "tokenImage" array of the generated parser within which the parse error occurred.
TokenMgrError - Error in cgif.parser.javacc
Token Manager Error.
TokenMgrError() - Constructor for error cgif.parser.javacc.TokenMgrError
No arg constructor.
TokenMgrError(String, int) - Constructor for error cgif.parser.javacc.TokenMgrError
Constructor with message and reason.
TokenMgrError(boolean, int, int, int, String, char, int) - Constructor for error cgif.parser.javacc.TokenMgrError
Full Constructor.
toObj - Variable in class charger.obj.GEdge
toolButtonGroup - Variable in class charger.EditToolbar
toolPanel - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
toolStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.EditToolbar
Handles the check box group for the various tool modes, as well as the command buttons.
top - Static variable in class kb.ConceptManager
topGraph - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
topLevelGraph() - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
Root production.
topLevelGraph - Variable in class kb.ObjectHistoryEvent
toPt - Variable in class charger.obj.GEdge
remembers its destination point as set.
toString() - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
Returns the image.
toString() - Method in class charger.CGRule
toString() - Method in class charger.gloss.GenericTypeDescriptor
toString() - Method in class charger.gloss.wn.WordnetTypeDescriptor
toString() - Method in class charger.obj.GEdge
Currently empty, may be used in the future.
toString() - Method in class charger.obj.Graph
Gives a CharGer-formatted version of the target graph, with objects in arbitrary order.
toString() - Method in class charger.obj.GraphObject
Constructs a constrained text version of the object, suitable for writing to a file and then reading back into the system.
toString() - Method in class charger.obj.GraphObjectID
The string representation of this id.
toString() - Method in class charger.undo.UndoRedoList
Generally used for debugging
toString() - Method in class charger.util.Transcript
Get the transcript's contents as a string.
toString() - Method in class kb.BinaryTuple
toString() - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchyNode
toString(boolean) - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchyNode
toString() - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchingRuleSet
Creates a human-readable version of the rule set.
toString() - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchRule
toString() - Method in class kb.ObjectHistory
toString() - Method in class kb.ObjectHistoryEvent
toString() - Method in class repgrid.RGBooleanValue
toString() - Method in class repgrid.RGIntegerValue
toString() - Method in class repgrid.RGValue
Whatever kind of value this is, show it as a displayable string.
toStringDeep(boolean) - Method in class charger.obj.Graph
Returns graph objects in a CharGer-formatted string
TotalGobjs - Static variable in class charger.Global
Actual graph object count.
totalMemory - Variable in class charger.HubFrame
toURI() - Method in class charger.util.ObjectLocator
Creates a URI to identify this object.
toXML(String) - Method in class charger.gloss.AbstractTypeDescriptor
Translates the descriptor into its self-contained XML version.
toXML(String) - Method in class charger.gloss.GenericTypeDescriptor
Translate the descriptor into XML.
toXML(String) - Method in class charger.gloss.wn.WordnetTypeDescriptor
Returns a Wordnet descriptor as a tag in XML form, including the start and end tags.
toXML(String) - Method in class charger.util.ObjectLocator
toXML(String) - Method in class kb.ObjectHistory
toXML(String) - Method in class kb.ObjectHistoryEvent
tr(String) - Static method in class charger.util.Tag
a table row begin-end tag
trace_call(String) - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
trace_enabled - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
trace_indent - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
trace_return(String) - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
trace_scan(Token, int) - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
trace_token(Token, String) - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
traceActors - Static variable in class charger.Global
Whether to display (on the console) tracing information as each actor fires.
traceTags - Variable in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLParser
TrackedAttribute - Class in repgrid.tracks
Abstraction of a tracked attribute, with links to Wordnet.
TrackedAttribute(RGAttribute) - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedAttribute
Create a new tracked attribute, copying the label and cells from the original RGAttribute.
TrackedAttribute(String) - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedAttribute
Make a new attribute with the given string as a label
TrackedRepertoryGrid - Class in repgrid.tracks
Extensions to repertory grids for their use in CRAFT.
TrackedRepertoryGrid(String, String, String, RGValue) - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedRepertoryGrid
Creates a new tracked repertory grid, with no rows or columns.
TrackedRepertoryGrid(Concept, GNode, Concept, RGValue) - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedRepertoryGrid
TrackedRepertoryGrid() - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedRepertoryGrid
Construct a new, empty grid with no labels and no cells.
TrackedRepertoryGrid(File) - Constructor for class repgrid.tracks.TrackedRepertoryGrid
trackLineColumn - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.SimpleCharStream
transcript - Variable in class charger.gloss.wn.WordnetManager
Transcript - Class in charger.util
Gives us the ability to track a user's dialog, even though user interaction is actually scattered among all of the GUI options.
Transcript() - Constructor for class charger.util.Transcript
Create a new transcript with empty contents.
transcript - Variable in class craft.SenseQueryDialog
transcript - Variable in class repgrid.RGElicitor
TransferableImage() - Constructor for class charger.IOManager.TransferableImage
transformByRule(TypeHierarchy, String) - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchRule
Apply an arbitrary rule on the value.
transformByRules(TypeHierarchy, String) - Method in class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchingRuleSet
Use the hierarchy's set of rules to transform the string.
trimDecimals(double, int) - Static method in class charger.act.ActorPrimitive
trims trailing decimal places (NOT rounded!)
tryGenericSenseInRepGrid - Variable in class charger.prefs.CraftPrefPanel
tryGenericSenseInRepGridItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.CraftPrefPanel
TupleComparator() - Constructor for class kb.BinaryTuple.TupleComparator
tupleUsed - Variable in class kb.matching.MasterBinaryTuple
TYPE - Static variable in interface cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
type(String) - Method in class craft.TermMapping
Determines an alternative type label for certain labels.
type - Variable in class kb.ObjectHistoryEvent
type - Variable in enum kb.ObjectHistoryEventType
type() - Method in enum kb.ObjectHistoryEventType
Returns the type as a string.
TYPE_DEFAULT_NAME - Static variable in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
TYPE_DEFAULT_TOP_LABEL - Static variable in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
typeDescriptors - Variable in class repgrid.tracks.TrackedAttribute
Holds ("term", TypeDescriptor) pairs, where "term" is one or more words from the attribute's label.
TypeHierarchy - Class in kb.hierarchy
Treats a hierarchy just like a partially ordered set, except that there is one "bottom" node.
TypeHierarchy(String, TypeHierarchy.KindOfHierarchy) - Constructor for class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
Creates a new hierarchy, but it is not empty.
TypeHierarchy() - Constructor for class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
Creates a new hierarchy with the same root values as the other constructors, but uses TYPE_DEFAULT_NAME and makes it a type hierarchy by default.
TypeHierarchy.KindOfHierarchy - Enum in kb.hierarchy
TypeHierarchyNode - Class in kb.hierarchy
A node in a type hierarchy graph.
TypeHierarchyNode(String, String) - Constructor for class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchyNode
Considers the key to be the node's identity, but keeps the value too.
typeInfoXML(GNode, String) - Static method in class charger.xml.CGXGenerator
typeLabel - Variable in class charger.obj.GNode
TypeLabel - Class in charger.obj
Implements the type construct in a hierarchy.
TypeLabel() - Constructor for class charger.obj.TypeLabel
Instantiates a default type "T".
TypeLabel(String) - Constructor for class charger.obj.TypeLabel
Instantiates a type label with the given label.
TypeMatchingRuleSet - Class in kb.hierarchy
Encapsulates a set of constraints on type matching in the hierarchy.
TypeMatchingRuleSet(TypeMatchingRuleSet.CharacterRule...) - Constructor for class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchingRuleSet
Create a set of rules according to the rules in the list.
TypeMatchingRuleSet.CharacterRule - Enum in kb.hierarchy
Allows the character rules to say what they do.
TypeMatchRule - Class in kb.hierarchy
Encapsulates a single rule for type matching.
TypeMatchRule(TypeMatchingRuleSet.CharacterRule) - Constructor for class kb.hierarchy.TypeMatchRule
typeRefInfoXML(Concept, String) - Static method in class charger.xml.CGXGenerator
typeRoot - Variable in class kb.hierarchy.TypeHierarchy
types - Variable in class charger.GraphMetrics
types - Variable in class craft.TermMapping
typesMatch(Concept, Concept) - Method in class kb.matching.AbstractConceptMatcher
Performs whatever type matching is required by the matcher.
typesMatch(Concept, Concept) - Method in class kb.matching.BasicConceptMatcher
The routine used for comparing types.
typeTool - Variable in class charger.EditToolbar
typeToolItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.EditToolbar
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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool

Copyright 1998-2014 by Harry Delugach. All Rights Reserved. Copying is governed by the Lesser GPL license.