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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool
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EdgeAttributes - Class in charger.obj
Keeps whatever line attributes are specific to edges.
EdgeAttributes(int, int, float, float) - Constructor for class charger.obj.EdgeAttributes
EdgeAttributes() - Constructor for class charger.obj.EdgeAttributes
edgeAttributes - Variable in class charger.obj.GEdge
used for indicating the node isn't connected
edgePanel - Variable in class charger.prefs.AppearancePrefPanel
edges - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
edgeThickness - Variable in class charger.obj.EdgeAttributes
edgeThickness - Variable in class charger.prefs.AppearancePrefPanel
edgeThicknessActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.AppearancePrefPanel
edgeThicknessFocusLost(FocusEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.AppearancePrefPanel
edgeXMLParms(GEdge) - Static method in class charger.xml.CGXGenerator
editable - Variable in class charger.util.GenericTextFrame
EditChange() - Constructor for enum charger.EditingChangeState.EditChange
EditFrame - Class in charger
EditFrame is subordinate to the main frame; this allows more than one graph frame to be created.
EditFrame() - Constructor for class charger.EditFrame
Creates an empty editing window, with an empty graph and untitled filename.
EditFrame(File, Graph, boolean) - Constructor for class charger.EditFrame
Creates a new editing window based on the filename being a suffix-ed CG file.
EditFrame.HandleCompEvents - Class in charger
EditFrame.ManageWinEvents - Class in charger
editFrameList - Static variable in class charger.Global
Stores list of (FrameNum, EditFrame) pairs for referencing
editFrameMenuBar - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
editFrameNum - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
Global unique number assigned to this frame; never used again in this session.
EditFrameReferenceQueue - Variable in class charger.Global
editFrameThread - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
EditFrameThreadGroup - Static variable in class charger.Global
EditingChangeState - Class in charger
Encapsulates the status of the change resulting from an editing operation.
EditingChangeState(EditingChangeState.EditChange...) - Constructor for class charger.EditingChangeState
Set the appropriate change(s) in a human-readable way
EditingChangeState() - Constructor for class charger.EditingChangeState
Default is that nothing has changed.
EditingChangeState.EditChange - Enum in charger
What kinds of change are possible.
editingToolbar - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
EditManager - Class in charger
Serves as the ItemListener and ActionListener for buttons and menus in the edit frame.
EditManager(EditFrame) - Constructor for class charger.EditManager
Only used by the editframe to instantiate its own manager.
editMenu - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
editMenu - Variable in class charger.util.GenericTextFrame
editMenu - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuAddAttr - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuAddElem - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuDiadic - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuFillin - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuGetSenses - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuMakeSpecializations - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuRemoveDescriptors - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuResolveSim - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
editMenuShowSubgraph - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
EditorNameString - Static variable in class charger.Global
Currently set to "CharGer"
EditorState - Class in charger
A complete copy of the editing state, with the current graph, and the current knowledge base
EditorState(String) - Constructor for class charger.EditorState
Create a new editor state, converting the graph from a CGXML string
EditToolbar - Class in charger
Encapsulates both the basic toolbar editing user controls, as well as maintains the editing mode for its EditFrame.
EditToolbar(EditFrame) - Constructor for class charger.EditToolbar
Creates new form EditToolbar
EditToolbar.Command - Enum in charger
EditToolbar.Mode - Enum in charger
ef - Variable in class charger.CanvasPanel
The enclosing editing frame.
ef - Variable in class charger.EditManager
This class does a lot of communicating with the edit frame that owns it.
ef - Variable in class charger.EditToolbar
ef - Variable in class charger.OperManager
Does a lot of communicating with the edit frame that owns it.
EFSelectedNodes - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
list containing all selected nodes; maintained as nodes are selected/unselected
EFSelectedObjects - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
list containing all selected objects (including edges); maintained as objects are selected/unselected
elapsedTime(long) - Static method in class charger.util.Util
Returns a printable string to show the time elapsed since a given time.
elem - Variable in class repgrid.RGCell
elementID - Variable in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLParser
elementLabel - Variable in class repgrid.RepertoryGrid
The type of the elements (columns) of this grid.
elements - Variable in class repgrid.RepertoryGrid
elements - Variable in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLParser
elemField - Variable in class repgrid.RGElicitor
elemLabel - Variable in class repgrid.RGElicitor
elicit() - Method in class repgrid.RGDiadicElicitor
Perform diadic elicitation on this grid
elicit() - Method in class repgrid.RGElicitor
Perform whatever elicitation is called for by this technique, on the grid with which it was instantiated.
elicit() - Method in class repgrid.RGTriadicElicitor
elicitor - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
elicitorComponent - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
EmailAddressLabel - Variable in class charger.HubFrame
emgr - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
emgr - Variable in class charger.FormatToolbar
enable_tracing() - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParser
Enable tracing.
enableActors - Static variable in class charger.Global
enableActors - Variable in class charger.prefs.ActorsPrefPanel
enableActorsItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.ActorsPrefPanel
enableCopyCorefs - Static variable in class charger.Global
enableCopyCorefs - Variable in class charger.prefs.ActorsPrefPanel
enableCopyCorefsItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.ActorsPrefPanel
enableCraftPanel(boolean) - Method in class charger.prefs.PreferencesFrame
enabled - Variable in class charger.undo.UndoStateManager
Whether to actually operate or not
enableEditFrameThreads - Static variable in class charger.Global
enableWrapping - Variable in class charger.util.WrappedText
endColumn - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
The column number of the last character of this Token.
endDocument() - Method in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLParser
endElement(String, String, String) - Method in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLParser
endLine - Variable in class cgif.parser.javacc.Token
The line number of the last character of this Token.
endTag(String) - Static method in class charger.xml.XMLGenerator
Returns a simple end tag of the form </tag>
ENERGY_THRESHHOLD - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
The minimum energy level that tells the algorithm it can stop.
ENERGY_THRESHHOLD_PER_NODE - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
To fine-tune the threshhold
enforceStandardRelations - Static variable in class charger.Global
enforceStandardRelations - Variable in class charger.prefs.CompatibilityPrefPanel
enforceStandardRelationsItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.CompatibilityPrefPanel
enlargeObject(GraphObject, int) - Method in class charger.EditManager
Increases the graph object's size by an increment in pixels.
enlargeSelection(int, boolean) - Method in class charger.EditManager
Increases the displayed size of all graph nodes selected.
entireGraphSelected(Graph) - Method in class charger.EditFrame
Checks to see if the entire (deep) contents of the target context graph are selected
EOF - Static variable in interface cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParserConstants
End of File.
eol - Variable in exception cgif.parser.javacc.ParseException
The end of line string for this machine.
eol - Variable in class charger.gloss.AbstractTypeDescriptor
Convenience for the toXML methods
eol - Variable in class charger.util.Transcript
eol - Static variable in class charger.xml.XMLGenerator
The result of System.getProperty( "line.separator" )
eol - Static variable in class craft.Reporter
eol - Variable in class repgrid.tracks.TrackedAttribute
eol - Static variable in class repgrid.xml.RGXMLGenerator
EPSILON - Static variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
Double-precision values are considered equal if they are within this value of each other
equals(AbstractTypeDescriptor) - Method in class charger.gloss.AbstractTypeDescriptor
Compares two type descriptors for equality.
equals(WordnetTypeDescriptor) - Method in class charger.gloss.wn.WordnetTypeDescriptor
Compares two wordnet descriptors for equality.
equals(GraphObjectID) - Method in class charger.obj.GraphObjectID
Two objects are equal if their string representations are equal.
equals(ObjectHistoryEventType) - Method in enum kb.ObjectHistoryEventType
Determines if the source object is equal to the target object.
equals(RGCell) - Method in class repgrid.RGCell
equilibriumEdgeLength - Variable in class charger.layout.SpringGraphLayout
The "best" edge length.
error(String) - Static method in class charger.Global
Displays an error message on System.out
errorCode - Variable in error cgif.parser.javacc.TokenMgrError
Indicates the reason why the exception is thrown.
establishGrid(Iterator<GraphObject>) - Method in class charger.layout.SimpleGraphLayout
Determine the rows and columns of the grid layout, and the max width and height per grid cell.
ExamineButton - Variable in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
ExamineButtonActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
ExamineDatabase() - Method in class charger.db.DatabaseFrame
examineMenu - Variable in class charger.EditFrame
ExpandBuff(boolean) - Method in class cgif.parser.javacc.SimpleCharStream
expectedTokenSequences - Variable in exception cgif.parser.javacc.ParseException
Each entry in this array is an array of integers.
explain() - Method in class charger.obj.Referent
For debugging purposes to describe what the referent is.
explainMe() - Method in class repgrid.RGBooleanValue
explainMe() - Method in class repgrid.RGIntegerValue
explainMe() - Method in class repgrid.RGIntegerValueRange
explainMe() - Method in class repgrid.RGValue
An explanatory string to describe what the values mean.
explainYourself() - Method in class kb.matching.AbstractConceptMatcher
An explanation of the matcher's particular algorithm
explainYourself() - Method in class kb.matching.AbstractMatcher
Give a description of the rules used, in HTML.
explainYourself() - Method in class kb.matching.BasicConceptMatcher
Give a description of the rules used, in HTML.
explainYourself() - Method in class kb.matching.BasicTupleMatcher
Explains the basic matcher's rules: Gather together all relations as binary relation tuples (n-ary relations are split).
explainYourself() - Method in class kb.matching.CustomExpt1TupleMatcher
Explains the matcher, by adding one additional rule to the basic matcher: namely, consider "process" and "activity" equilvalent.
EXPONENT - Static variable in interface cgif.parser.javacc.CGIFParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
exportOptions - Variable in class repgrid.RGDisplayWindow
exportSubtypesAsRelations - Static variable in class charger.Global
Whether to export type hierarchies as (subtype ...
exportSubtypesAsRelations - Variable in class charger.prefs.CompatibilityPrefPanel
exportSubtypesAsRelationsActionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.CompatibilityPrefPanel
exportSubtypesAsRelationsItemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class charger.prefs.CompatibilityPrefPanel
extension - Variable in enum charger.FileFormat
extension() - Method in enum charger.FileFormat
extractChargerComment(Token) - Static method in class cgif.parser.CGIFParserHelper
Looks for a charger comment in either the first or second token.
extractChargerComment(Token, Token) - Static method in class cgif.parser.CGIFParserHelper
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CharGer conceptual graph and knowledge modeling tool

Copyright 1998-2014 by Harry Delugach. All Rights Reserved. Copying is governed by the Lesser GPL license.